The flourishing maritime reflected in the residential architecture of Orebic, especially in the 19th century when they started to build luxurious houses and living style of the rich seamen. Method of construction was modeled on the Dubrovnik countryside residency building. The building today Mimbelli hotel dates from the 19th century. This type of houses were intended for housing and construction speaks of the great family business success. The first public admission of this house is from the 28th December 1885th and the owner was a widow TERESA FRANCESCA born . PARISH . Ms. Teresa ‘s house inherited from her husband, Captain Astrida figurines ( 1836-1871 ) . And father and grandfather Astrida figurines were captains .
So Astrid and was captain and commander of several sailing ships :

  • nave Fortunato Mimbelli (1860 )
  • nave Padre Mimbelli (1861 )
  • nave Giuseppe Sgiupa (1865 – 1868)
  • Barge Guruch Fanny (1868 – till death )

With the boat captain Fany Gurich Astrid Gurich sunk in 1871. in one big storm on the way from Constantinople to England . Sailboat was built 1856th in Apenrodu in Denmark , 410 tons. Captain Astrid was the owner of the brigantine Assure , barge Fanny Gurich , and owns a few shares Pelješac Maritime Society with his wife, Teresa Francesca nee . Parish . Captain Astrid sank when he was only 35 years old. Ms. Teresa remained young widow . After several years she married Captain John Štuk late Simon of late Mata and it is copied house . Since it is the house of the late Adolf inherited Štuk John who was the 1924th The water in the cadastral maps . The Adolf son James and daughter Stuk Stuk Fanny last heirs of the captain’s family .

Today, business success continues to build a guesthouse owner on Mimbelli.

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